Contracted vista
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Autism support

Any school that enrolls students with autism can benefit from Vista's specialized expertise pairing education and behavior therapy. Vista offers contract services to fully staff and run autism support classrooms in district-based, private, or other school settings outside of The Vista School.

Partner with autism experts

Vista has over 20 years of experience providing innovative, research-based autism services to individuals and their families in Central Pennsylvania. Partnering with Vista gives schools access to our proven, comprehensive support model to meet the needs of students with autism in the least restrictive environment possible.

Cove program success

Vista is currently contracted to operate autism support classrooms for a consortium comprised of six school districts. The Contracted Vista Education (CoVE) classrooms offer a continuum of autism support programming through Vista staff while accessing all of the opportunities and experiences available within the public school setting.

The CoVE program is designed for students with complex learning and behavioral needs related to their diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Students most often start full-time within the support classroom and are considered for inclusive opportunities in general education settings as they progress with academic and behavioral skills. Vista staff collect student data and assess for long term goals and outcomes that promote independence.


Classrooms staffed by Vista include full time special education teachers, classroom technicians, on-site board-certified behavior professionals, and additional on-site supervisory roles. All staff are highly trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and other evidence-based practices for autism, plus have access to Vista's wealth of training resources.

A replicable

Vista's Contracted program can meet the unique needs of any school supporting students with autism. We encourage school or district leadership to contact our Executive Director of Educational Services to discuss how we can work together.