Adult Day

Vista’s Adult Day programs offer specialized autism support services and meaningful activities that empower adults to reach their unique potential and thrive as contributing members of the community. Program participants gain opportunities to increase their independence, confidence, and overall quality of life through skill development and growth.

Community Integration
Center Program

Participants in this program spend the majority of their day in the community and for some a portion of their day in a licensed facility setting. This program is ideal for individuals who benefit from immersive community experiences but who may have behavioral or medical needs that require a safe, controlled environment to return to when needed.

Center locations:

24 Northeast Drive, Hershey, PA 17033

3400 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Full community
inclusion program

Participants in this program spend their entire day integrated into the community. Individuals socialize in small groups of two or three peers with common interests and communication skills, along with one or two staff members.

Daily activities

We ensure each client has input in selecting their activities for the day. We offer a wide variety of meaningful activities that help individuals feel a sense of purpose and develop new skills as they work toward personal goals. To enable community integration, we provide transportation from the group’s meeting point to activities throughout the day.

Daily schedules may include activities and objectives such as:

  • Volunteering across a variety of different locations and activities
  • Physical fitness and healthy living
  • Recreating and relationship building
  • Socializing and integrating into typical community activity

Vista maintains relationships with dozens of organizations with varying activities and environmental conditions where volunteerism is accessible for individuals with autism. We encourage program participants to select at least one volunteer activity per day so they can experience a sense of purpose using their interests and passions to benefit the community.

Areas of growth

Life Skills Instructors work with each individual throughout the course of their daily activities to develop skills in the areas of:

  • Self-care
  • Socialization
  • Self-preservation
  • Decision making
  • Activities of daily living
  • Community safety skills
  • Communication
  • Vocational skills