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Vista's Early Intervention program offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in a fun, play-based clinic setting for children diagnosed with autism . Children learn a range of skills that are key to bridging developmental gaps and preparing for school. We can begin services starting as early as 12 months and up to age 7, or until they enter kindergarten.

A play-based aba approach

ABA therapy is a research-proven methodology that helps individuals with autism effectively engage in activities and relationships in a way that is meaningful to them in all facets of their life. Vista's Early Intervention program specializes in a naturalistic approach to ABA therapy. We design learning opportunities to come up naturally throughout the day by embedding behavior therapy techniques into daily routines typical of this age, including playtime activities.

Progress guided by
behavior experts

Each child's progress is guided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our BCBAs work closely with Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to implement, assess, and modify personalized intervention strategies. Vista's Early Intervention program always has the availability of a 1:1 staff-child ratio, with staff rotating between children throughout the day to promote flexibility and the generalization of skills.

Building skills for
a bright future

Using cues and rewards during natural play, RBTs encourage skill-building in a classroom-like environment with both indoor and outdoor play areas. They work with each child toward roughly 12-16 goals per day that are designed for projected mastery within three months.

Areas of growth may include:

Parent Involvement

We believe that when parents and professionals work together, we can achieve the best outcomes for your child. Vista provides the following opportunities for parents and guardians to participate as integral members of a child’s therapy team:

  • Regular training and
    education opportunities

    to develop skills in supporting your
    child's growth

  • Real-time access
    to web-based charts to track your
    child's progress

  • Participation in
    treatment plan

    meetings and in the development
    of goals for your child

Our program also requires families to provide transportation for their child to and from the clinic each day.