Intensive In-home And Community Services

Vista's Intensive In-Home and Community Services program provides specialized ABA-driven direct care to adults living with autism in South Central Pennsylvania. Each individual's personalized support plan focuses on building skills and working toward goals related to activities of daily living, community integration, and functional communication.

Support for Intensive Autism Needs

This program offers full-day service for adults who need a higher level of support than most day programs and vocational services typically provide. Our experienced direct support staff works with each individual in a 1:1 or 2:1 capacity to increase active participation in typical routines and meaningful activities. Vista specializes in supporting individuals on the autism spectrum or those with comparable symptomology.

An ABA-Driven Approach

Our behavior professionals trained in the principles of ABA therapy use a methodical data-driven process and a variety of positive reinforcement strategies to provide the most effective care. Our approach includes:

  • Conducting comprehensive skill assessments and selecting teachable target behaviors
  • Training the individual and all members of his or her network, including family members and non-Vista staff, on strategies to achieve identified goals
  • Developing behavior support plans using the principles of ABA
  • Charting progress and analyzing trends to make data-driven treatment decisions

Daily activities

At Vista, we take a person-centered approach to personalizing activity schedules based on the preferences, interests and goals of each individual we serve. Every day we strive to:

Arrange activities within the individual's home
that foster independence and teach critical life skills

Facilitate engagement in community activities
that provide physical activity, volunteer opportunities, and build social capital

Work on skills that will lead to eligibility to attend other community-based programs or activities

To ensure opportunities for regular community engagement, Vista maintains a fleet of vehicles for transportation. We also have partnered with dozens of organizations throughout South Central Pennsylvania to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities that meet the interests and preferred environmental conditions for individuals with autism.

Service area

Vista’s Intensive In-Home and Community Services program serves individuals across the following counties: