Early Childhood Services

Early diagnosis and behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorder at a young age give children the best chance of reaching their unique potential.
At Vista Autism Services, we begin introducing Applied Behavior Analysis techniques as early as 12 months. The earlier a child begins receiving treatment, the greater impact it can have on their long-term growth and development. We aim to help children learn skills they need to attend the least restrictive setting as they transition to school age and to equip their family members as active participants in their treatment.


Clinic-based ABA therapy available for children ages 1 to 7, or until they enter kindergarten. Our naturalistic approach embeds learning opportunities in a variety of play activities for children throughout the day.


Specialized behavioral therapy for individuals ages 12 months to 21 years with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Services, guided by board-certified behavior professionals, take place in home, school, and community settings.