Career Assessment Services

A program participant’s career journey begins with our personalized employment assessment. We’ll learn about an individual’s interests, needs, skills and strengths by conducting informational interviews and facilitating trial work experiences. Then we compile an employment profile with recommendations for competitive employment.

Employment profile recommendations include: best matching industries, tasks, environments, social conditions, and length of shift.

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Job Finding and Development Services

This phase of the employment journey results in a customized, competitive employment opportunity that is mutually beneficial to both the individual and business. The following services take place leading up to the successful completion of on-boarding requirements and first day of employment.

  • Development of skills that best market the individual to hiring managers
  • Facilitation of working interviews allowing the individual to showcase their talents
  • Collaboration with employers to create job descriptions that meet business needs
  • Modification of on-boarding processes and workplace environment accommodations


Once an individual has secured a job, we provide on-site job coaching services to establish the employment relationship and strengthen the individual’s skills toward autonomy. Coaching services may include:

• On-site individualized support to learn job responsibilities and expectations of performance

• Developing job aides, technological assistance, workplace modifications, and intervention strategies to foster success and independence

• Training for employers and coworkers enabling them to provide natural support

• Regular follow-up with employer as support fades to ensure continued job fit and employment success

Participants in Vista’s Employment Services program also have the opportunity to take part in cooperative education opportunities with local school districts combining classroom-based learning with practical work experience.

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OVR Supported Employment (SE) & Work Experience for Adults (WEXA)

As an approved community provider for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), Vista provides the following services to individuals:

Non-Performance Based Supported Employment (NPBSE)
Participants receive supports from a qualified specialist to maintain employment or learn the skills necessary to reduce risk of losing an existing competitively integrated job.

 Service types include:
    • Job Mentoring
    • Job Retention
    • Intermittent Supported Employment

Performance Based Supported Employment (PBSE)
Participants receive an intensive method of providing vocational rehabilitation to individuals who require support prior to employment, during initial employment, and after the provision of OVR services to maintain employment.

 Service types include:
    • Job Development
    • Job Placement
    • Job Maintenance
    • Job Stabilization
    • Case Closure
    • Extended Services

Work Experience for Adults (WEXA)
Participants receive compensated work geared to the individual’s initial interests and preferences up to 40 hours per week and 12 weeks providing individuals with valuable work experience positioning them for permanent competitively integrated employment opportunities.

Benefits for Employers

Our career development services benefit not just job seekers and employees but employers as well. We support businesses in a variety of ways, including identifying ways to:

• Save money

• Increase employee satisfaction

• Reduce overtime

• Improve efficiencies

• Enhance the overall quality of the
company through hiring practices

Any organization open to creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment could be a great fit to work with Vista’s Employment Services program. Visit our community partners page to learn more about collaboration opportunities with Vista.

Service Area

Vista’s Employment Services program serves individuals seeking competitive employment throughout South Central Pennsylvania, predominantly in Dauphin, Cumberland, and Lebanon counties, as well as portions of York and Lancaster counties.