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LEAP (Local Educators Association Partnership)

What is LEAP?

Vista’s Local Education Agency Program (LEAP) allows for school districts to join in a partnership with The Vista School® to provide Vista’s comprehensive intensive Autism Support model within a public school setting. This model serves as a means of promoting inclusion opportunities and interaction between the school district students and Vista students.

Learn About The Vista School’s® LEAP Program

To find out more about The Vista School’s® Leap Program, check out these helpful FAQs.

What type of student is best suited for LEAP?

Students eligible for the LEAP classroom might be current Vista School students that are showing readiness or that need an intensive program but not a center-based model.

What is the goal of LEAP?

The goal is for students in this program to gradually, based on student success, integrate more fully into less restrictive settings.

What staff members support LEAP classrooms?

Every LEAP classroom is supported by a Vista full time special education teacher and teacher assistant, Behavior Consultant, Speech and Language Therapist, and an Occupational Therapist. All staff members are highly trained in Applied Behavior Analysis, the Competent Learner Model, and other Evidence-Based Practices for Autism. Classrooms are also staffed with Behavioral Technicians from Vista’s EIBS funding, as opposed to school district tuition. Additionally, every classroom has access to all of Vista’s training resources and doctoral level consultants.

When do referrals and enrollment take place?

Referrals are welcome from local school districts at any time of year, but new students are typically only enrolled for the fall semester. Program openings do occur periodically as students transition to home school districts. Vista does aim to fill vacancies as quickly as possible, so there are sometimes opportunities for students to enroll mid-semester.

How do admissions staff work with parents?

Parents and school districts may contact the Student Services Manager to discuss admission details. Vista’s admissions team works closely with parents and school districts to consider appropriate placement options.

What is the admission process?

Students that are referred to any Vista program are prescreened against admission criteria, generally within 14 school days of receiving the referral packet. Following pre-screening, Vista conducts a phone interview with the parents and school district to obtain additional information. From there, students may be scheduled for an on-site screening at the Vista School’s campus. All of this information is taken into consideration while placement is being determined.

How does EIBS relate to Vista?

The Vista School® is an approved private school as well as an approved behavioral health facility and is based on an Educationally Integrated Behavioral Support (EIBS) structure.

What is the benefit of EIBS?

The unique model of Vista’s LEAP program intertwines educational and behavioral health systems together. The collaborative system is designed to provide the intensive support structure for individuals who are not succeeding in the current instructional locations with traditional educational and behavioral supports.

What is the LEAP home program?

Vista families are provided the option of receiving Behavior Technician and Behavior Consultant home services, which can be provided in different ways, depending on parent preference.

Who is eligible for Vista’s LEAP home program?

Parents accessing the Vista LEAP classroom also have access to the home-based services and other training opportunities for parents whose children are enrolled at The Vista School®.

Does the home program only take place at home?

Behavior Technician services can be used in a variety settings including the home, community, during participation in extracurricular activities, or for appointments that have previously evoked challenging behaviors.

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