The Vista School®

The Vista School®

Unique Potential Within Reach

Vista is intently focused on the treatment and therapy of those living with autism. That is uniquely what Vista does. The Vista School® offers research-based teaching techniques to provide students with opportunities to reach their full potential.


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About The Vista School®

To find out more about The Vista School® facilities, accreditations, and ways to get involved, see our About page.

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Is The Vista School® Right for My Child?

Because The Vista School® strives to keep every child with autism in school with their typical peers, it’s important that the severity of their symptoms be assessed before the admissions process can begin.

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The Vista School®  Enrollment Information

Enrolling in The Vista School® means an opportunity for your child to reach their full potential.

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Unique Potential Within Reach

Find out if The Vista School® is right for your child.

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Dec 07

Free Webinar: PA ABLE Savings Program Overview

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 - Virtual

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Students with ASD Benefit from PDE Grant

Employment is Possible for Individuals with Autism. As your loved one reaches the age of 16, employment should be part of their school transition plan. Yet, many…

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Heart-warming Story in 3…2…1…

One of our Life Skills Instructors, Jeanine, has been teaching a client how to bake. He enjoys the process, especially the decorating. After a couple of weeks…

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