Outreach Services

Vista Outreach Trains School District Staff

Vista Outreach Services provides guidance to school teachers and staff to reach a positive trajectory of the student’s social, intellectual, and emotional health. Vista will train your special education department, consortium of special educators, administrators, as well as conduct paraprofessional trainings.

In-Service Training

Vista Outreach Services provides in-service training in the areas of autism spectrum disorder and its effect on participation within general education settings and a variety of teaching strategies and behavior intervention. Training is not calculated by hours but rather based on the content that you are requesting paired with the total amount of time it would take to train on a particular topic.

An Affordable Solution

With the alarming increase in autism’s prevalence in recent years, many school districts have faced a daunting challenge in meeting the professional needs of their staff and the educational needs of children with autism. Consultant rates can often exceed $300 to $400 per hour. Vista delivers a flexible range of services delivered by qualified staff at a fraction of the cost at which others charge.

Upgrade Your Behavioral Support

Outreach provides expert behavioral support to school districts and educators to help guide them through the intensive and complex needs of students.