Outreach Services

Direct Services

Experts in Autism & Behavior Support

Vista Outreach Services provides guidance to school teachers and staff to reach a positive trajectory of the student’s social, intellectual, and emotional health.

Vista Direct Services Focuses on Social Skills

Each student’s social skills are individually assessed. Lessons are tailored for that student with strategic techniques in mind. Lessons then take place in natural settings to provide real-life context for the lesson. Finally, progress monitoring reflects the student’s ability to apply their skills in real life situations.

Our Approach to Outreach Services

Our goal is to keep every child in school with their typical peers. Because most schools don’t have the resources needed to support children with autism, our staff works directly with teachers at public and private schools to implement specialized teaching techniques and progress reports to give students a positive and productive experience at school.

Improving the School Experience

School can be challenging for a child with autism. And many schools don’t have the resources to provide the individualized attention that’s needed for a child with autism to succeed. That’s why Vista Outreach Services shares our techniques with public and private schools throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Social Skills Intervention

Common areas of social skills instructional sequences include: taking others’ perspective, regulating emotional responses, advocating and solving problems, communicating in an appropriate manner, making and keeping friends, preventing and responding to bullying, and preparing for work and/or college. Another key part of social skills training is empowering students to understand and cope with their disability.

Vista Specialized Scholarships

Limited scholarships are available for students enrolled in parochial and other private schools. Please reach out to us to learn more.

Upgrade Your Behavioral Support

Outreach provides expert behavioral support to school districts and educators to help guide them through the intensive and complex needs of students.