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Vista Air Quality in Acceptable Ranges


As part of Vista’s provision for a safe, healthy environment to all of our staff and clients, air quality testing in and across ALL Vista facilities (including our four school campus buildings, the Community Integration Center, and Early Intervention building) was conducted by EHC Associates in late July/early August. A team from EHC Associates performed the tests across a large variety of rooms and areas in each building. Air samples were collected in each location for analysis.

We are happy to report that ALL samples from EVERY building across ALL Vista locations had results in acceptable ranges.

These tests compare the quality of the air outside a building against various areas inside a building. The presence of mold spores is actually common in the air we breathe everywhere outside. When a room has a high amount of particular spores compared to the outside air, it gets flagged as a concern. There were no such issues in any of our rooms.

Air quality tests will continue to be performed annually and results will be posted on our websites, excluding the residential home reports, due to security reasons. Those reports will be available upon demand for any parents/guardians that wish to see the results.

View the Report Here