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Students with ASD Benefit from PDE Grant

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Employment is Possible for Individuals with Autism.

As your loved one reaches the age of 16, employment should be part of their school transition plan. Yet, many times employment is put on the back burner focusing on other academic Individual Education Plan (IEP) objectives. At Vista, both are a priority. By 21 years old, it is important to have an employment plan in place. If not, they will be behind the curve and trying to play catch up with their peers. Developing an individualized post-graduation employment plan for each student takes time and resources. Many school districts do not have specialized resources readily available.

Vista is Specialized and Affordable.

Our Employment Services team makes finding employment for students a priority leading up to graduation. We will work diligently to find your loved one:

  • Real competitive job(s) that are sustainable post-graduation
  • Summer and seasonal experience during the Extended School Year (ESY)
  • On-the-job training/coaching

We understand that affordability is a concern for most guardians. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has awarded Vista with a grant to fund students on the autism spectrum ages 18-21 that reside in Dauphin, Cumberland or Lebanon Counties to participate in Vista’s specialized employment services program.

Do Not Wait Until They Graduate.

“Don’t wait until after graduation to start looking for employment,” says Brandon Yorty, Director of Vista Adult Employment Services. “Everyone has skills that can be applied in the work environment. The population we support are behind if they are not already working by the time school years end. Competitive employment provides more than just pay; it also boosts self-confidence and establishes social relationships. Students who are 18-21 years old have the opportunity to blend traditional classroom learning with competitive employment. Ultimately, this positions the student for a truly successful transition.”

Hurry! There are a limited number of spots left to gain access to the PDE Grant funding. Let Vista Autism Services contribute to a successful transition and sustainable employment opportunity for your student.

Please contact Brandon Yorty at 717.835.1115 extension 1710 or [email protected] to learn more.