Employment Services

Employer Partnership with Vista

At Vista, we are committed to meeting the needs of our business partners. We begin the process by having one of our skilled employment specialists tour your workplace and conduct a needs assessment that identifies opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce waste, conserve resources, and improve workplace morale.

We will work closely with your business to find opportunities where one of our clients could benefit your operations, while ensuring you have the tools to successfully integrate our client into your unique culture. Our many success stories serve as a testament to the effectiveness of our program and the satisfaction that our business partners stand to gain.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

  • Observe Business in Action – Our employment specialists will visit your facility during work hours to get a sense of the work environment and job duties.
  • Identify Unmet Needs – Our skilled team members can identify any needs that your business may have that one of our clients would be well suited to fill.
  • Match Prospective Employee – We identify the interests and skills of our clients in order to find a suitable fit for the vacant position at your business.
  • Coordinate Work Trial – Before you commit to hiring our candidate, we make sure that it’s a mutually beneficial match by facilitating a work trial.

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Vista Employment Services helps teens and adults with autism find a job they will love and partners with employers find their next new hire.