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Vista Employment Services for Adults with Autism

Here, you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding employment services for adults with autism.

How do you help employers?

We offer: needs assessment, unique talents, specialized skill sets, workplace diversity, and greater efficiency for companies and small businesses.

How do you help adults with autism?

We help adults with autism bring structure to their daily lives and find fulfillment through earning wages by matching them with suitable employment opportunities. Our team of skilled employment specialists identifies the unique talents and interests of individuals and also identifies the work environments where they’d be most successful.

How do you determine which candidates are employable?

We believe that ALL people are employable. Our skilled employment team uses Applied Behavior Analysis (a data-driven approach to treatment of autism symptoms) and customized employment to support adults with autism and help them secure paid positions.

How does the process begin?

The process begins with a team of employment specialists who get to know the adults in Vista’s program. These employment specialists are trained to observe individuals in their preferred settings and interview the people closest to them. After that, community-based assessments are scheduled in a variety of settings that include prospective business partners.

How do employment specialists find suitable matches between candidates and employers?

By closely examining specific themes of interest to the individual and mapping out potential job opportunities, the employment specialist is prepared to search for a business partner that may be a good match. The Vista team negotiates employment between the individual and the business partner, and supports the individual in his or her position even after the job is secured.

Does Vista’s Employment Services also help businesses?

Yes! An employment specialist will tour the worksite and conduct a needs assessment that identifies opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce waste, conserve resources, and improve workplace morale.

What industries do you serve?

Vista Employment Services finds suitable job placements in the following industries: facilities, clerical, hospitality, production, distribution, retail, food service, and entertainment.

What are some examples of positions you’ve helped place?

Some of the positions we’ve found for our clients include: cart attendant, funeral associate, janitor, file clerk, retail employee, warehouse worker, scanning clerk, and cutlery steward.

What does the Community Integration Center provide for adults using Vista Employment Services?

The Community Integration Center (CIC) serves as a springboard for individuals with autism to maximize their employment potential. Whether they have not yet secured a position, recently lost a position, or are employed part time, adults attend the employment hub to further build skills while they explore community interests. As a result of our programming, participants gain greater awareness of the opportunities that exist in the community.

How does CIC relate to job placement?

Instruction is individually designed and targets skills most relevant to securing, enhancing, or maintaining job placement. Themes addressed include: exploring different classifications of work, learning the value of money and how it is acquired, enhancing supervisor and coworker interactive skills, building physical endurance, and learning appropriate work attire, hygienic behavior and safety skills.

What is the staff ratio at Vista’s Community Integration Center?

The staff consists of a team of employment specialists, life skills instructors, and a Community Integration Supervisor who coordinates operations and establishes new community partners. The staff ratio is dictated by the needs of the individual. All staff members are trained in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and customized Employment.

What are the hours of operation of the CIC?

The Community Integration Center is open Mon, Wed, Fri from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and Tues and Thurs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where is the CIC located?

You can find Vista’s Community Integration Center at The Vista School campus in Hershey, PA.

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