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Opportunities Realized

By fostering relationships between our clients and local employers, we can help both parties reach new potential.

Services Provided by Vista’s Employment Team

At Vista, we are proud to offer valuable services to employers and individuals alike. See how our services benefit both parties.

Social Interactions

We facilitate social interactions between the individual, supervisors, and coworkers, to ensure a comfortable work environment.


We identify transportation sources, so the individual can get to work safely and consistently.

Job Skills

We teach job-specific skills to increase independence and productivity.


We develop modifications to the work environment that will increase the individual’s success and value to the employer.

Follow Up

As the individual grows more comfortable and confident, we gradually reduce our support in order to foster independence. The employment staff will periodically follow up with the individual and employer to ensure ongoing mutual success.

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Vista Employment Services helps teens and adults with autism find a job they will love and partners with employers find their next new hire.