Early Intervention

Parent Involvement in Early Intervention

Giving your child the best start possible through Applied Behavior Analysis treatment at the moment of diagnosis is important to all parents. Vista works to include parents in every step of treatment.

Benefits of Starting Early

Vista Early Intervention is unique in that it begins at the moment of diagnosis—to give your child the best possible start in learning positive behavior and communication skills while their brain is developing most. If you think your preschool-aged child could benefit from Vista Early Intervention, start the enrollment process as early as possible.

Time Commitment

Between 20 and 40 hours per week of Applied Behavior Analysis treatment is needed to show results for children with autism. We rely on you to transport your child to and from our campus each day.

Treatment Updates

In order to track your child’s progress, our staff will create reports and graphs for you to review. All parents are required to read treatment updates. Charts of your child’s progress will also be made available to you in real-time web-based charts.

Active Family Participation

By reinforcing our therapeutic playtime techniques at home, you can improve your child’s progress. All parents of children enrolled in our Early Intervention program are required to participate in at least one parent training opportunity per quarter.

Get the Enrollment Process Started Today

The earlier therapy begins, the more effective it will be.