Early Intervention

Early Intervention Enrollment Criteria

  • All eligible candidates for this program must have a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Medical insurance must be maintained because Vista’s Early Intervention Program is separate from county-based early intervention or Intermediate Unit Services.
  • Children must not require nursing or medical administration services during program hours in order to be eligible for our Early Intervention Program.

The Vista Early Intervention Program is growing fast. In order to provide the individualized attention that’s needed, we can only accept as many students as we are staffed for.

Screening forms help determine if Vista Early Intervention is a good fit for each child. We can recommend alternative solutions if we find a child’s needs would best be met elsewhere.

The next step in the enrollment process is an in-person assessment in which our staff can meet each child and gain a deeper understanding of his or her needs.

In order to enroll in the Vista Early Intervention Program, a prescription is needed. This can be provided by a licensed psychologist. Contact us for referrals to psychologists in your area.

This is a meeting between parents and service providers in which we discuss the child’s challenges and strengths, as well as discuss some of the autism treatment options that will work best.

Once a child’s needs have been properly evaluated, they can begin the Applied Behavior Analysis therapy that’s most appropriate. Their placement in the program is based on availability, age, strengths, and challenges.

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